Monday, January 19, 2009

Digital Compositing Portfolio

Shot Breakdown

Chaotic - All Compositing done in After Effects

Created Lighting and Effects on water ball and fire

Created effects of weapon materialization using particles

Implemented lighting and camera move on ants

Created lighting and effects on instrument

Implemented lighting and camera move on characters

Implemented underwater effects and lighting on lobster

Created effect of location change

Created effect and added speedlines on ghosts

Created lighting on candlelit scenes

Created lighting on blue blast

Created hologram effect

Created double vision effect

Created lighting and added effects to green explosions

Implemented character explosion into code using particles

Created lighting on red blast and added effects

Implemented lighting and effects on character transformation

Created morph and added lighting

Created effects on door opening

Implemented fire effects and created lighting on characters

Created ripple pulse effect

Implemented water effects

Implemented teleportation effects

Implemented zoom in on eye effect

Created window changing into wall effect

Class of the Titans

Composited in Harmony and After Effects

Composited and implemented effects on all shots